Most Powerful Labor Day Miracle Prayer

This Labor Day, let’s remember the power of prayer over our work. Whether you have a job you love, are facing difficulties in the workplace, or are experiencing job loss, God has a plan and purpose for this season in your life.

Prayer can significantly impact the work that we do and the way we see it. Yet in our day-to-day prayers, we often exclude the needs we encounter at work. For whatever reasons, our work and workplaces do not enter our minds as we pray. As a result, we may not experience the fullness of what God wants for us when we’re at work.

When we start praying for our work, we recognize that God is active in all we do, not just our “personal” or “spiritual” lives. And this is transformative. Yet prayer doesn’t change God’s heart toward our work as much as it changes ours.

And when we begin to see our work the way God sees it, we experience the power of prayer and of God’s grace.

Use these prayers on Labor Day and all days to remember that God designed work to be fulfilling and to bring Him honor!

Dear Lord,

I’m so grateful to sit outside this weekend and marvel at the beauty of your world.
Thank you for this weekend–for the chance to rest and breathe and think.
I labor too much.
My labor keeps me from hearing you speak.

So often, I’m too busy to hear you speak.
I want your wisdom, but I don’t sit down long enough to listen.
I don’t stop the noise and the activity and wait.
I don’t go where I can hear you,

some place where the noise is music, and everything reveals your glory.

Speak, Lord.
Speak your love and blessing over me.
Help me hear and remember your promises.
Open my heart to be tender to conviction and correction,
to recognize where I need to change and then to have the courage to do it.

Change me.
Mold me.
Renew me.

I’m leaning into you, Lord.
Speak to me.
Every day that I sit in your presence
is a Sabbath day.
Lord, may I sit and listen every week and every day!

In Jesus’ name,

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