Message From Jesus To Every Catholic Who Feels Discouraged

If you are going through a moment of discouragement, you need to read this
I wanted to start this text by saying that I understand you. I understand that when you say the pain is killing you, you are not making drama.

I know it feels like you’re carrying a heavy load, where the content is poetry filled with pain and darkness. Gray days, where the sun turns and stirs appears, but quickly hides among the heavy clouds.

In these terribly difficult times, the colors are not as intense and dancing in the rain no longer makes sense. The laughter loses the song tone and I know that the crying turns to the melody that happens to play frequently.

But this whole storm will pass. The Sun will return and with it will come the hope of better days. New moments, new people, new loves! Perhaps today is the day to recognize that the time has come to react, to go around, to dance and to follow the song.



It is time to forgive those who made your heart shrapnel. It is time for a new beginning, a time to believe in the plans of the One who has always been present.

Try to remember that tomorrow can be better, quiet and serene. At all times, there is hope, even if tiny, because when God is in the boat, no storm is forever.

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