If You Experience These Signs Then You Have a Powerful Spiritual Gift

Have you ever felt something strange within you? All humans have a sense of intuition or spiritual calling. The sad part is, most people do not know it. If you are watching this then you are part of the few who recognize their spiritual calling. use these six signs to guide your spiritual calling and gifts

1. You regularly read into your dreams

Within 5-10 minutes of being awake, most people forget their dreams. If you vividly remember your dreams, then you are gifted. Our subconscious mind receives messages in our sleep. write down details of your dream when you wake up


2. Most of the visions you have usually come to pass

This gift could be interesting and terrifying at the same time. The visions occur in the form of thoughts. A vision could appear during a conversation or whiles working, etc.


3. You always visit the bathroom at 4 am

3 to 4 am is the time most people have their REM sleep. If you frequent the bathroom around this time, it is definitely not normal. This time is also known as the ‘holy hour’. Spirits may be trying to bond with you. You have to leave your bed to a peaceful place for inspiration


4. Nightmares keep you awake

Spiritual energies transform into nightmares when they cannot get through to us in a normal way. when you experience this, be bold and confront the energy and say ‘I am not scared of you, Tell me what you have to say’


5. You are filled with empathy

This allows you to feel it when something bad is about to happen to someone very close to you. You also suddenly feel sad for no reason. Remember that these are not your emotions.They are emotions of people very close to you


6. You have a very strong intuition

Do not ignore your guts when it speaks to you. Your intuition could work through dreams and certain uneasiness. Its good to know and accept them. Pay attention to your body signals. These signals will help you make good judgments.

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