Ask and Receive the Great Miracle of the Holy Mother Teresa into Your Life with this Powerful Prayer

And it was this miracle that allowed the canonization of the Missionary of Charity

The canonization of the Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta, performed by Pope Francisco on September 4, 2016, was based on the miracle obtained by a Brazilian who suffered from multiple brain tumors.

The man to whom the miracle happened was at the time 35 years of age and was on a honeymoon when he had to be hospitalized in a hurry. At the hospital in Santos, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and eight abscesses scattered throughout the brain. During his hospitalization, his wife went to seek spiritual help from Father Elmiran Ferreira, from the parish of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in the nearby town of São Vicente.

The priest gave her the medal of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which the woman placed on her husband’s pillow at the hospital, in addition to praying for her intercession for healing.With the unconscious husband in the operating room, one of the doctors left to get a drain. In the meantime, the man woke up, fully regained consciousness and had coffee alone. The surgery, scheduled for the next day, was simply canceled.

In addition to the medal, Father Elmiran gave the family a prayer to be prayed intensely to the then Blessed Mother Teresa. They prayed. According to her testimony, ” Mother Teresa became comfort and encouragement on that long journey .”

But what prayer was that the family did and was attended to, gracing the young man with the miracle of healing?

Here is the prayer:

“Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,
you allowed the thirsty love of Jesus on the Cross to
become a living flame within you.
You have become the light of His love for all.
You get from the heart of Jesus … (ask for grace here).
Teach me to let Jesus penetrate and possess my whole being,
so completely that my life can also radiate
His light and love to others.

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