A Morning Prayer For God To Bless Your Day With Grace and Favour

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now I’m found was blind. But now I see. God’s grace, his favor and kindness to us is something that we should never take for granted.

Think of the state of mind that the songwriter had to have come to a place where he sees God’s grace and it amazed him not only that, but God was so good, so great and amazing was his grace. That the songwriter even saw the scene inside of himself. He saw how poor and unhappy he really was when he encountered God’s grace, that’s why he said Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. God’s grace revealed that without him, this man had been in a wretched state, poor in spirit and in soul.

And so with this understanding, let us pray.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your love and grace. I thank you for the unmerited favor that you have given me. So many things you have given me, Lord. That’s I do not deserve. Instead of fish, you have given me a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

Instead of sickness, you have given me the assurance that by your stripes, I am healed. With all the times that I have sinned and fallen short. You still call for me to repent and follow you. And in addition to that, your arms are still wide open.

My prayer is that I may live in a way that honors you, that pleases you. My hands are lifted and my heart is bowed, as I say, thank you for your grace and mercy. I do not deserve your protection, but you still said that you will give your angels charge over me. To keep me in all my ways. I do not deserve the peace you have offered to me.

But yet you still told me not to let my heart be troubled because you are a God who will supply all of my needs. I thank you for such grace. Grace, that saves grace, that forgives and shows me mercy in your Amazing Grace, I am safe, I am secure and I lack nothing because your grace is sufficient.

You have placed me above and not beneath. All of these wonderful things which I never deserved. You, king Jesus, have given me the gift of eternal life. Because you loved me enough to sacrifice your own life while here on this Earth.

And hang on a cross so that I may be saved. I thank you for saving me. I thank you for pulling me out of a despairing pit and placing me on steady ground. I thank you for making me in your image and your likeness.

I ask that you stay with me and stay by my side, always great is your faithfulness, master. Thank you for your Amazing Grace over my life. In Jesus name, I pray.

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