The 5 Kinds of Prayers That Will Change the Life of Every Catholic

These transformative forms of communication with God are based on what is revealed in Scripture.

Prayer does not always come naturally and is a constant effort. Perhaps it is the case of many of us who learned little about praying beyond the Rosary and memorizing sentences in elementary school.

If you feel that your prayer life is not going anywhere, the best place to turn is the Bible .

The Psalms are one of the greatest treasures when we speak of personal prayer. Consider only that even Jesus used the Psalms to pray, as at the time of the cross.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church explores this theme in more depth and highlights the different types of prayer found in Sacred Scripture. These forms of prayer are based on the divine revelation and the experience of those who inhabit the stories of the Bible.

1. Blessing and adoration

The Catechism describes the blessing as a prayer that “expresses the basic movement of Christian prayer: it is the encounter of God with man; in it, the gift of God and the welcome of man are summoned and united. The prayer of blessing is the response of man to the gifts of God : because God blesses, the heart of man can bless in turn the One who is the source of all blessings “(CCC 2627).

The Lord’s Prayer contains blessings of this kind when we say “hallowed be your name.” Another example of this prayer can be found in Daniel 3.

The adoration is closely linked to the blessing and the Catechismdescribes it as “the first attitude of the man who recognizes himself as a creature before his Creator. It exalts the greatness of the Lordthat has made us and the omnipotence of the Savior who frees us from evil “(2628).

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