10 Facts About The Holy Spirit That May Surprise You

1. The Holy Spirit Was Involved in Creation: According to Genesis 1:1-2, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. The phrase “moved upon” here implies the Holy Spirit prepared the land for God’s creation.

2. The Holy Spirit Was Involved in Jesus’ Birth: Deuteronomy 32:11 says, “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee…” This is talking about the virgin birth or Jesus’ incarnation into the physical world.


3. The Holy Spirit Converts Us: It is through the Holy Spirit that Christians are born again. John 3:3 says that a man cannot see the kingdom of God unless he is born again, and this process is made possible by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also crucial to a Christian’s ability to live life as a new creation in Christ.

4. The Holy Spirit is a Person: Some religions think of the Holy Spirit as less than a person. However, the Holy Spirit is a vitally important person when it comes to the Christian life. Romans 8:26 talks about how the Holy Spirit intercedes for Christians, which is just one of the many roles the Holy Spirit fulfills.


5. The Holy Spirit And Jesus Are Distinct Persons: In Luke 3:21-22, it says the Holy Ghost descended upon Jesus. This shows that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are two different entities. Matthew 28:19 also makes this distinction.

6. The Holy Spirit is Divine: The Holy Spirit is God. Acts 5:3-4 proves this fact as Peter refers to the Holy Spirit as God. The Bible in 2 Corinthians 3:17, calls the Holy Spirit Lord, which of course, confirms He is God.


7. You Need to Ask for The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is available to all believers but must be asked for to be received.

8. You Can Lose The Holy Spirit: In Psalm 51:11, King David seems to imply that the Holy Spirit could leave him.


9. The Holy Spirit Has Always Been Available: David mentions the Holy Spirit as do several other Old Testament passages. Therefore, this implies the Holy Spirit isn’t a New Testament phenomenon.

10. The Holy Spirit Doesn’t Cause Confusion: God is not the author of the confusion. Speaking in tongues, for example, is confusing and isn’t of God and doesn’t involve the Holy Spirit.


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