Receive Total Freedom from Sickness and Pain with this Powerful Prayer

Look to the Lord for healing. God is capable of curing any wound or illness. The most important restoration is through your relationship with Jesus.

Dear blessed Lord, I don’t want to complain,

And I know others suffer too, But I really need you now.

Oh Jesus, you are the Great Physician, I seek your healing touch.

Reach out over me. Send your Spirit to heal me.

Lift up my natural defenses. Relieve my pain, restore my health.

And above all else, Oh Lord, Heal my soul.

Lift me up inside knowing That no matter what happens I am your child,

I am your beloved, And my place in your heart is secure.

All this thanks to The Lamb of God who also suffered Taking away the sins of the world.

Christ heals all wounds, He relieves all pain, And dries my tears.

You are my restoration, dear Lord. You are my salvation.

Free me from sickness and pain,

By the grace and mercy Of Almighty God. In Jesus name, Amen.


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