Prayer to Purify Your Heart

Do you run away from purity? Are your motives distorted by the temptations of this world? What does it take to have a pure heart?

We’ve all made mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Still, if you seek perfection in God, things change in miraculous ways. A pure heart is clear and uncontaminated. Purity means health — and the unclean can be cleansed.

You might think, “It’s too late for me”. It’s okay to be humbled by failure, but don’t get stuck in a lie. Instead, place your humiliation in the loving hands of Christ. It’s never too late. Let him clean your wounds.  Ask God to purify your heart, and you’ll see things with more clarity. Become a healthy part of the living Body of Christ.

Dear loving Lord, The core of my heart Wants only you, But sometimes I resist.

Part of my heart is divided Tempted by worldly desires.

Won’t you help me, Oh Lord? Send your Spirit, Pour out your grace,

And purify my heart. Show me the obstacles. Remove pride and fear.

Cast out the lie That I can live without you.

My heart of hearts knows That you are life itself.

Purify me in the truth Of Christ resurrected.

May your word pierce my heart To let your Spirit enter. Free me. Heal me.

Wash me clean. Without you I don’t stand a chance.

Without you I’m a sinner Lost in my own darkness.

With you, my soul flies free Seeking and loving God.

Give me a pure heart, Oh Lord, To glorify Christ the King!

In Jesus name, Amen.


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