Prayer to God For Strength in Trials

Are you facing many challenges at once? Do you sometimes feel like giving up?

Remember, God is always in control. Seek his presence and receive strength and clarity to move forward.

Even though it may not be pleasant, every difficulty is a chance for you to build your character. This doesn’t mean things turn out the way you want all the time. It doesn’t mean you get your way in every disagreement either. Instead, your trials are a chance for you to grow in your trust of God.

And trust in God is your best source of strength.

Resting is his presence – no matter what happens – gives you true peace. You think and act with more confidence, and you become a blessing to others.

Let the Lord fight for you and rejoice in his victory.

Dear almighty Lord,

It’s just too much sometimes. Worry and fear crowd my life and my mind.

So many struggles at once. What can I do God?

Can you help me?

The battle is in my mind; the enemy comes and whispers in my ear a lie that all is lost.

Give me the strength, oh Lord, to reject the enemy.

Let me look to Christ instead upon the cross for me,  glorified at your right hand, sending me the power of his Holy Spirit.

Let me stand up for myself and say, “I can do this. I can face the giant down;

I can defeat him, as the mighty hand of God goes before me.”

May it glorify you, oh Lord, and may the angels in heaven sing praises at the sight of this sinner restored.

Glory to God in the highest!

In Jesus name,




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