Prayer to be full of the Holy Spirit

God’s Spirit is the Spirit of truth. He is the giver of life. He reveals to you things you can’t understand on your own. The Holy Spirit makes you want to know Christ better – then your life produces good fruit.

It’s okay to ask for yourself first – to be full of the Spirit. That way God has more presence in your life. He guides your thoughts, actions and prayer. So later, when you face the world, you are nourished and strong.

Our greatest truth is Christ’s resurrection. This keeps us thankful and humble. Ask every day to be filled with God’s Spirit and live completely in his truth.

Dear loving Lord, I come before you, I seek your presence, As I am empty without you.

So here and now, Oh dear Lord, I ask you to fill me. Pour your Spirit into me.

I open up my heart and soul To your tender healing And loving mercy.

Pour out your Spirit, Oh Lord. Free me, cleanse me, restore me, Make me new again.

Let your grace work in me To build my strength And to give me clarity.

Fill me with the peace of Christ. Only in you Can I receive true rest.

Only in you Can my heart find the heavenly joy That Jesus won for me On the cross.

He is risen – and so am I By your goodness alone.

Fill me Lord, May your Spirit live in me.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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