Prayer to be a servant of God

Many wonder, “Why does God allow suffering?”

How far would you push God to remove suffering? At what point would you think that he has met your standards? If he removed all cancer, would that be enough? What about accidents? Hunger and war? Where would you limit your demands upon the Creator of all things?

Do you want perfection from God? If so, then you would be completely out of the picture. Your would not be able to help anyone ever. Everything would be still, sterile and dead. Jesus could have come down from the cross to establish 100% order and control — but he choose the path of sacrificial love instead.

Rather than complaining about God, be part of his solution. No matter what your situation, you can find meaning in service. It might be simply to your family, or something more. In every case, go to God and ask him what he asks of you. Then go forward and represent Christ on earth.

Dear almighty Lord, Yes, I have my problems. My life is far from perfect.

You’re not done with me yet. Still, I am also your servant. So send me.

Send me to where you need me To represent the Body.

Let me bring your Good News And the Holy Spirit to The people that hunger For your mercy, for your love.

Let me give my money, my time, My talents and my heart Until it hurts.

In this way, I imitate my Master. Giving of myself until it hurts. If it’s not yet time, then get me ready.

Prepare me, form me. And when the time comes Fill me with your Spirit Clear away the obstacles

And let me move forward In obedience and in love, Serving you and my neighbor Gives meaning to my life.

May it all honor and glorify you, Oh merciful loving Lord, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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