Pray this Powerful Prayer When Faced With Difficulties in Life

We all face difficult moments in life, but some have it really tough for a long time. In many circumstances, there’s no real way out. How can you deal with this?

It’s not easy, but the secret is an inner transformation. Yes, you can ask God to change situations, and it may even happen. Still, the Lord is more interested in your heart. He wants to transform you into the best version of yourself. God the Father wants all of his children to be more like his son Jesus.

Once you begin to truly understand the purpose and meaning behind this process, it’s miraculous. You see things from a heavenly perspective as God’s grace works in and through you. Trust and believe in this. Embrace your service and enter into the full blessings of the Lord.

Oh blessed Lord,

You know my situation. You know my life. It’s complicated and dense.

There’s no way out. Why is this happening to me?

Oh loving Lord, help me. I need you so much right now.

Let me look upon the life and death of Jesus for understanding.

He could have run away from the cross. Instead he served. He gave his life.

Let me know Christ, oh Lord. Help me understand that all the answers are in him.

In knowing Jesus, I become more like him. I am transformed.

Service, suffering and pain transform into glory.

Only the Spirit can resurrect me.

Nobody sees how I struggle. Nobody but you, oh merciful Lord.

Show me the freedom in giving it all up to you.

Jesus loved his Father and all humankind. That’s why he suffered and bled.

He gave it all for them. For me.

May the Spirit of God reveal to me a deeper hope and joy in giving my life for others.

Lift up and hold this poor spirit, oh loving Lord.

Let me know that in your arms, I have all I need.

In Jesus name,



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