Pray This One Prayer Daily to Have a Miracle in Your Life!

Pray This One Prayer Daily to Have a Miracle in Your Life!

O most holy heart of Jesus, the fountain of every blessing, I adore you, I love you, and with lively sorrow for my sins I offer you this poor heart of mine. Make me humble, patient, pure and wholly obedient to your will. Grant, Good Jesus, that I may live in you and for you. Protect me in the midst of danger.

Comfort me in my afflictions. Give me health of body, assistance in my temporal needs, your blessing on all that I do, and the grace of a holy death. Amen.

‘A precious crown is reserved in Heaven for those who perform all their actions with all the diligence of which they are capable; for it is not sufficient to do our part well, it must be done more than well.’ – St. Ignatius of Loyola

‘From this judgment, there is no appeal, for after death the freedom of the will can never return, but the will is confirmed in that state in which it is found at death.

The souls in hell, having been found at that hour with the will to sin, have the guilt and the punishment always with them, and although this punishment is not so great as they deserve, yet it is eternal.’  – St. Catherine of Genoa

Always prepare yourself well for this sacred banquet. Have a very pure heart, and watch over your tongue, for it is on the tongue that the Sacred Host is laid. Carry Our Lord home with you after your thanksgiving, and let your heart be a living tabernacle for Jesus.

Visit Him often in this interior tabernacle, offering Him your homage, and the sentiments of gratitude with which divine love will inspire you.’  – St. Paul of the Cross

And once he lay panting on his bed worn out by a high fever, and behold his cell was suddenly brightened by a great light and quivered. And he lifted his hands to heaven and breathed out his spirit while giving thanks.

With mingled cries of mourning the monks and his mother took the dead man’s body out [of the cell], washed and clothed it and placed it on a bier and spent the night in weeping and singing psalms.



  1. I am a sinner! I pray for forgiveness. I pray for better health. I pray for his love. I pray for a better life and a home of my own , so I can live for him. I pray for a car so I may go to church and give testimony of his great love! Amen.

  2. I pray for healing n good health am really suffering with sickness please God my father have mercy on me a poor sinner Amen

  3. Prayer for oldest son to be set free from prison right now by the holy spirit.keep close to our heavenly father for protection.deliever us.forgive us.sustain us.heal and change us.provide for us spiritually physically emotionally and financially.we plead the blood of jesus all over our life.Heavenly father you first in our life.we thank you so I give all burdens troubles back to you.please forgive us for all our weapons form against us shall prosper.the snare is broken.I claim it i knock on it we receive it.Lord we say yes we surrender.yes we are sinners please answer a sinner prayer.holy spirit shine yur light thru our darkness hour .chain is more shackles no more chains no more boundaries he set free yeaaaaaa.hallelujah we thankful for who u are….love u heavenly father.lead us in yur pathway .hold us close.sat an you are a loser ANF u can’t hurt harm touch us no more.we rebuke Satan and all yur works.go back to he’ll in Jesus name amen amen amen

  4. Pray for they conversion of all my brothers, sisters, all they grandchildren in my family, including my brothers wives for GOD to touch our heart and .to make a total surrender of our life to HIM.

  5. Pray for my both daughters education.Both are expecting their CA results.Elder daughter priscilla CA final result expecting soon.pray for her to pass with good marks and younger daughter cecillafor CA intermediate and for their health

  6. My Lord help me in my job that I might have success and knowledge to learn and retain all aspects of this job. I love you Lord and will always all your ways to the best of my ability. It is your will that will help me succeed in life. Please bless my family and help me make you proud of me. I love you very much in Jesus name I pray. AMEN!

  7. Dear Jesus
    Please heal my son completely of his drug addiction
    He has been fight this evil since 2010. We have done all we can. Only you can help him
    Thank you Heaven Father!

  8. Please help my family my lord. We love you and know that you are with us every second of or lives. Help us have peace, love and success. Forgive our sins as we repent from them. We love you and will never forsake you. Amen.

  9. God I know I don’t deserve your miracles and your blessings I know that I am a sinner and Needs serious repenting please forgive me God I know that I lived a disgusting life that needs to turn around from my sins amen I know I have to live clean for your sake I let myself do this I allowed my self my god I know that I am sorry for it I need you god am sorry I Need you in my life god I am nothing without you please clear my mind heart and soul from sin and cleanse it as white as snow amen. You are my dad that I should obey in Jesus name you are my founder you are my guide, you are my worshiper, you are my lover above all things in Jesus name please help me create a bond with you please help me believe in You amen.

  10. The last of the last days are upon us. Many deceptions will be revealed. Many of the deceptions are hard to deal with, and hard to understand . YHVH/YHWH/YAHWEY is not The Creator God. YHWH it is not the father of Jesus Christ. YAHWEY is a minor god of the negroes and Jews only. Today’s Khazarian Jews are 40% -50% negroid but they don’t want the world to have this information. A Jew is a descendant of Esau racially mixed with the descendants of Cain. Well who’s that? Shockingly you are about to find out. Maybe it won’t be such a shock.
    When you compare Genesis 1:24-27 the “beast of the field” negroes and “the races” to Genesis 2:7-22 the new [Adamic Caucasian Hebrew Israelite-Greek race], only the new [Adamic Caucasian Hebrew Israelite-Greek race] have a “spirit” (His breath) and a “living soul” so only the new [Adamic Caucasian Hebrew Israelite-Greek race] will be Blessed with redemption, salvation, and eternal life with Jesus Christ.
    Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam [the man] and they were a mixture of all the seed line of Adam [the man] save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed line of Cain were the “negroes” and had no place among [white men]. Can an unpure, unclean sacrifice be paid to God The Father for anything? Absolutely not! Do you understand what that means? No? It means Jesus Christ was not a Jew! Jesus Christ was/is from the new [Adamic Caucasian Hebrew Israelite Greek race]. Jesus is a 100%pure white stock Adamic God-man. If Jesus called the Jews the synagogue of Satan, and the negroes seed line comes from Cain all the way back to the devil in the Garden of Eden, there is no other conclusion. The negroes are the physical and literal children of the black devil Gadre’El. I’m not flaming, nor being a racist. All of this can be confirmed in the Bible Genesis 1-4, the book of Moses 7:22, the book of Abraham 1:21-24, and the book of Enoch 68:6 page 64. I’m telling everyone this because the Jewish names and the negro names for God and The Christ are pagan. Yahwey, Yahuah, Yah, Yehovah, Jehovah, Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahusha, Yahushua, Yahawa, Yahawashi, and all of the rest of the “Y names” are Pagan and they have nothing to do with Jesus. Do you require more proof? I will get it. Colossians 2:9 For in Jesus dwelleth the fullness of The Godhead! JESUS THE FATHER, Jesus The Son/Christ, Jesus The Holy Spirit. Ask the comforter to minister to you mind, heart, living soul, and your Spirit now. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors that Jesus, only Jesus is The LORD God.

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