Powerful Prayer To Mother Mary And Jesus for a Particular Need

Powerful Prayer To Mother Mary And Jesus for a Particular Need

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant me ever to be able to call upon thy powerful name, since thy name is the help of the living and the salvation of the dying. Ah, Mary most pure, Mary most sweet, grant that thy name from this day forth may be to me the very breath of life.

Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance whenever I call upon thee; for in all the temptations that assail me, in all the necessities that befall me, I will never leave off calling upon thee, ever repeating:

Mary, Mary. What comfort, what sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul at the sound of thy name, at the very thought of thee! I give thanks to our Lord, who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet, so lovable, so mighty.

But I am not content merely to speak thy name; I would utter it for very love of thee; it is my desire that love should ever remind me to name thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.

O Mother of Perpetual Help, thou art the dispenser of every grace that God grants us in our misery; it is for this cause that He hath made thee so powerful, so rich, so kind, that thou mightest assist us in our miseries.

Thou art the advocate of the most wretched and abandoned sinners, if they but come unto thee; come once more to my assistance, for I commend myself to thee. In thy hands I place my eternal salvation; to thee I entrust my soul.

Enroll me among thy most faithful servants; take me under thy protection and it is enough for me: yes, for if thou protect me, I shall fear nothing; not my sins, for thou wilt obtain for me their pardon and remission; not the evil spirits, for thou art mightier than all the powers of hell; not even Jesus, my Judge, for He is appeased by a single prayer from thee.


    1. To My Beautiful Mother Mary And Wonderful God ? I Ask Fir Our House I Ask For My Son to leave These bad people get back to his regular Life Without these evil fake ugly people Everything was plan on him and he was trap his brain isn’t to good it’s weak that’s why the fakes can do him anyway so that’s my wish to remove him from the bad In The Name of Jesus ? Settled Amen

  1. Mother Mary , And My Lord Jesus Please take Any and All Toxic things Out of my Little Dog Quincy , Nomore Cancer , Tumors , Infection , Anything Bad our of his tiny body and send it to the Universe and tell them DO NOT RETURN ANYMORE , so Quincy can Live Many More Years Healthy , Happy , And Peace Of Mind With Me , because Quincy Needs Me , and I Need Him. Thank-You My Mother and My Jesus. Amen and Amen Hallelujah.

  2. I thank you Father God all you Saints and angels ? please pray for me and my family hopefully everything will be better today than before I pray to Our Lady Of Perpetual help especially inJesus Christ Of Nazareth name I pray Amen ?

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