Powerful Prayer for a Humble Heart

Humility is a trait all of us should strive for, but it’s not easy. Too often we think it’s about behavior. The truth is that our actions are the results of being humble. We might be able to act humble, but true humility isn’t an act.

For the follower of Christ, a humble heart welcomes the Spirit of God inside. Like going to the doctor or dentist, this can be scary. Jesus is the Great Physician. He’ll never make a mistake with your heart. Letting Christ in to heal you is the path to true humility.

You can be economically poor and be arrogant. And you can have wealth and be humble. The choice is yours in the end. Are you going to let God in to do his good work?

Oh my loving Lord,

I’m not blind to my faults. I have plenty.

My wounds make me afraid so I get defensive, or I hide.

This is not what you want.

Your Spirit is the Spirit of truth.

And the truth is, my heart is broken.

Show me, oh Lord, the good part,

as the broken heart is an open heart where your Spirit can enter and work.

Let me understand what it truly means to be humble,

no play acting or falseness.

Instead, let me know that true humility is letting you in to free,

heal and cleanse me – even if this makes me afraid.

Christ shows me his wounds. Let me show you mine.

Come to me, oh loving Lord, may I open myself up to you.

Set me free in humility. Free in you, to be me.

In the name of Jesus,



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