Most Powerful Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Any time we get hurt, it can lead to a spiritual wound. This happens deep inside you and can affect almost any aspect of your life. In most cases, it begins with an emotional event such as loss, betrayal, abuse or negligence.

A very common reaction is to ignore the wound or try kill the pain with things that hurt you even more.

Spiritual wounds might be hard to identify. They may show up as anxiety or harmful attitudes and habits. You might feel sad, angry or unsatisfied with life. You might be over controlling. In prayer, God will show you the origin of these problems which is part of the healing process.

It’s okay to ask the right people for help, but complete healing of spiritual wounds can only come from the hand of Christ. If there is sin involved, repentance and restoration are essential.  A spiritual guide can be a great help. Above all, trust in God to lead you through this process.

The fruit of healing is more confidence in the Lord. Plus, you may be able to accompany someone else on their healing journey. Nothing of God’s grace goes to waste.

Oh loving Lord,

You know my entire story. Only you fully understand my wounds and my hurt.

Even when I hurt myself.

Only you can truly heal me. Won’t you help me, oh Lord?

Show me how to open up and let you into where I hurt and bleed the most.

May I trust in Christ Jesus to care for my deepest wounds,

The ones I want to forget about, the ones that hold me back.

Those wounds I now surrender to your loving care.

Immerse me in your mercy. Pour out your Holy Spirit to heal and cleanse me.

There is no other way, no other hope for me. Only you can restore this tired soul.

Bring life to me, oh Lord, strong and ready,

as I know I am forgiven, and I am loved by the God of all creation.

In Jesus name,



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