Eucharist Miracle – A Man With Cancer Healed By The Eucharist Shares Testimony

In three months, I no longer felt any pain and the doctors could not explain what had happened: ‘It seems like a miracle . You no longer have cancer. Now you can go wherever you want … ‘

For me, it was not the doctor who said, it was Jesus Eucharistic that reminded me: “I gave you the health to go together to visit all those who need … ‘

Father, that is why I am so happy, without cancer and fulfilling my promise with Him. As long as I have strength, I will visit all who are like me: without health, without spirit, without the will to live. I want them to know that they are not alone because they have a great and strong God who can help them. ”

What a wonderful testimony! As I spoke, I smiled with joy to see that Christ is indeed present in the Holy Host that I take daily in my hands. I regretted my lack of faith, especially when I felt the way was difficult.

Now I realize that everything was so complicated because I walked alone … If I had let the Eucharistic Christ accompany me every moment, everything had been simpler.

My heart told me that just as the Good Jesus gave another opportunity to Mr. Lalo, he will also give me, so that I live each Eucharist as the extraordinary event that it really is, and to remind all the sick of body or soul that they are not alone; that the best medicine is Holy Communion .

I take this opportunity to thank all the Extraordinary Ministers of Communion who, with joy and gratuitousness, help to bring the Christ closer to the sick. God bless you a lot!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this but I wish and truly wish they never called it a Wafer – It is a Eucharist containing the Body and Blood of Christ – I understand it if it wasn’t already blessed but it was, so please remember it is a Eucharist not a wafer you are consuming.

    1. I absolutely agree. There are also some other glaring errors in the article. The priest would not consecrate hosts outside the Mass under usual circumstances. This must have been written by someone who is not Roman Catholic. This gentleman did not appear to be a designated Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Where is he finding all of these sick people to receive? Is he sure they are Roman Catholic. The whole thing sounds a bit hokey to me. And this is the Body of Christ we are talking about, not a cookie!

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