Emotional Story of a Man Who Met God & Became a Believer (Testimony)

In a 10-minute video that will likely have you thinking about life long after it’s over, one man claims to have died during surgery, met God, and asked Him, “What’s the meaning of life?” You’ll want to see this video interview for yourself.

On August 16, 2005, Richard says he lived through an out-of-body experience that forever changed the way he lives.

As a 72-year-old man at the time of this interview, he shares the emotionally gripping story of what happened that day. A self-professed doubter, he claims to have always believed God existed, but he wasn’t committed to the faith or to living a religious life. Then one day he was driving to Monterey to watch some car races when the unthinkable happened.

While sitting at a stop light, his body experienced the devastating effects of an aneurysm. He could have died on the spot, but his story was far from over.

Once in the hospital, he learned that his chances of survival were not good. Hospital staff wheeled him into the emergency surgery meant to save his life, and that’s when things began to take an unusual turn.

According to Richard, the medicine intended to cause him to sleep through the surgery didn’t actually put him to sleep. He heard and saw things nobody should hear in an emergency surgery. Furthermore, within minutes of the surgery beginning, he encountered God.

Take a look at this emotional video to see what happens after Richard asks God to explain the meaning of life.Listen carefully to what Richard did as a result of surviving it all. What he heard and experienced during that conversation changed his life … and it could change yours as well.

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