Act of Repentance Bible Artwork

Act of Repentance Bible Artwork

This artwork is by MarianoDavidOtero from DeviantArt.

A user of the art website by the name NobleElite gave a critique of this piece that the artist thought was fair. 

What I like about this piece is the sheer power of the image. My favorite part about it is the goth/punk guy kneeling at Jesus’ feet. To me, this relays the message that ANYONE can be saved regardless of how we perceive them. The tears that are falling in both Jesus and the boy’s eyes signifies that not only is Jesus extremely happy for the boy, but also that the boy is truly sorry and is sincerely seeking forgiveness. As for the true power of the painting, I believe it lies in Jesus’ gesture and the cloud of darkness floating away. I really love how it appears that the monster inside the cloud is trying to keep his hold on his prey while also being shoved aside by Jesus’ holy power. I also love the sinister appearance the creature has with the subtle details and the glowing yellow eyes.

As for finding what could be improved, that was relatively hard for me. Everything about this painting was done with an exquisite skill, however, I did notice that the boy’s foot appears a tad small in comparison with his body. I’m assuming this is perspective (which I have difficulty pulling off), so it’s no real minus to the image. I also think the demon’s features may be slightly TOO subtle as they’re hard to make out in the full view. Perhaps this is just because of the photograph.

Overall, I give this piece a perfect score for the sheer power and originality in depicting the cloud of darkness being driven away. Great job.

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