[Warning] Don’t Receive Your Next Communion If You Haven’t Seen This

[Warning] Don’t Receive Your Next Communion If You Haven’t Seen This


4 Ways Many Catholics Are Receiving the Eucharist Wrong (Including You)

Most Catholics receive the Holy Eucharist in a manner that abuses the holiness of God’s presence in the Holy Eucharist. Many Catholics are not even aware that those gestures are wrong as a result of ignorance, some are just lazy to observe them.
Overtime there are several ways through which many Catholics receive the Eucharist wrongly but below are three major ones that point to it all:


1. Not Bowing Before Receiving the Holy Eucharist

Paying reverence before the receiving the Holy Eucharist is a very important aspect of the Holy Communion. Because we are face-face with Christ at that moment, coming to receive his flesh and blood. So showing respect by bowing, kneeling or making the sign of the Cross are most appropriate and reverencing acts before receiving Him. This can be confirmed in the USCCB’s General Instruction of the Roman Missal.


2. Not Saying “Amen” Before Receiving the Holy Eucharist

Responding “Amen” when the Priest administering the Eucharist says “Body of Christ” before receiving the Eucharist. Saying “Amen” means you fully acknowledge and believe in the Holy Eucharist. So it’s very important we get patient enough while in the Communion lines to always say “Amen”. Most times due to long communion lines people get pressured and they receive the Eucharist without saying “Amen”
It’s just one word, so always be patient enough to acknowledge the Eucharist by saying “Amen” before receiving it.


3. Being in a “State of Grace”

The Holy Eucharist reception is meant for just Practicing Catholics who are in a state of grace. Being in the State of Grace before receiving the Holy Communion means being without a mortal sin since your last confession. If you are not in the “State of grace” you need to go to confession before receiving the Holy Eucharist but you can as well attend a Holy Mass.
Receiving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin is a sacrilege. So don’t do it!.

Not receiving when you are not in the proper state shows your love and respect for Jesus. If you’re in a state of mortal sin, going to Mass but not receiving actually shows you’re heading back on the right track.


4. Not praying properly after

When one receives a person understands what it means to receive Christ in their souls I think they’ll be inspired to kneel and thank him. If they cannot kneel, they’d at least take a moment to welcome such an August Guest. He deserves a pause; a feeling and sentiment of love and humility. And what is more?

He wants to talk to you!
To me, it is bad to not take a moment to thank God for the gift of his body and blood especially habitually; when we have formed the habit of not saying “thank you” to he who waits for us every day in the Sacrament of his love.


  1. Bow yes. Amen yes. Thank Jesus for all the blessings bestowed on me. Thank Jesus for His life, death, rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven so that by receiving His Body and Blood in Holy Communion and doing God’s will not mine. I would like to go to Heaven and be there always with Jesus. Amen

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