3 Powerful Sacramentals You Must Have In Your office As A Catholic

These symbols of faith can have a profound effect on your work and the lives of your colleagues.

Keeping your faith alive at work is not always easy. At times, even work can distract us from recognizing the presence of God in our daily lives, away from our relationship with Him.

But do not need be like that.

Among the many spiritual means available to us are the sacramentals. They have been a part of church life since the dawn of Christianity, but they are viewed by many as a sort of “superstition”. It turns out that in fact a large number of Catholics over the centuries have used the sacramentals superstitiously for lack of understanding of their true meaning: instead of instruments of God’s grace, they are treated as “magical” objects, , which they are not.

Sacramentals serve to enrich our spiritual life, not to harm it. They were instituted by the Church to encourage in us an ever deeper relationship with Christ and to help us focus on the sanctification of every part of our lives, including the most simple and everyday. Sacramentals are extensions of the seven sacraments and help us to see and welcome the grace of God in our daily lives – including at work.

If we use them in a spirit of faith, sacramentals can distract us from spiritual dangers and inspire us to live a holy life dedicated to God in the practice of each day. The following three, if used properly, can give a new spiritual impetus to our work environment – and to those who work with us:

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