15 Signs That Show Your Spiritual Being is Dead or Dieing

7. A traumatic life event leaves you feeling not yourself.

If you go through a bad breakup, divorce, death of a loved one, or near-death experience, you might not feel the same afterward. A piece of your soul is taken away each time you go through trauma, and you go through a ‘soul death.’

8. You feel that life isn’t living up to your expectations.

If you feel let down by life, this means your soul is longing for something more, but you haven’t found it yet. Wishing for something more in life often points to a soul death, because you want to strive for more than life has given you.

9. You feel pulled in multiple directions.

If you feel like life is trying to push you down different paths, you might be experiencing a soul rebirth. You’ve recognized that you have limitless potential within yourself, and you don’t want to waste it any longer. However, you can’t decide which path you want to take because you see yourself succeeding and thriving in various ways.

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