This Woman Gives the Perfect Response to an Atheist Dentist01:03

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Dentist: OK, we’re done.
Patient: Yes!! Thank God for that!
Dentist: God?
Patient: What do you mean?
Dentist: Who in this day and age still believes in God?
Patient: Well, I do. Why’s that?
Dentist: Well, you obviously missed all the wars, the devastation, the poverty. Everything that goes wrong in this world?
Patient: Well, I don’t believe in dentists. If there are dentists in the world, why do so many people have broken, infected, and missing teeth?
Dentist: I can’t help people that don’t come to me to have their teeth fixed.
Patient: Exactly. And it’s the same way with God. It’s a bit rich for us to expect God to help people who don’t come to him, and instead insist on doing things their own way.
Dentist: And how am I meant to come to God?
Patient:: Just talk to him. He’s listening.

Dr. William Lane Craig: Well, let’s talk about what was positive about this. I think that one thing that is positive is that the young woman was not defensive. She was bright, cheerful, confident in her faith. She didn’t get upset. I thought it illustrated very well how a person can engage in a comfortable, natural manner with an unbeliever. That is really good. I thought that was positive. She smiled, she didn’t get upset. It also illustrates, I think, how just in everyday conversation there is an opportunity to say something in defense of one’s beliefs and not to compromise. To be bold. So I would see that as something that was positive. Another thing, I think, that was positive about her approach was that she asked questions. Greg Koukl has often emphasized that even if we don’t know all the answers, we can always ask questions of the unbeliever. So that is what she tried to do. She asked him a question that would make him think about his own worldview. So all of those things, I guess, were positive features of her approach.

Credit:, Reasonable Faith

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